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The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), one of the three major broadcasters in the United States, quoted internal statistics and reported a sad news: As of May 4, local time, the cumulative number of deaths from covid-19 pneumonia in the United States exceeded 1 million.


In October 2020, when the number of deaths from the Covid-19 in the United States exceeded 220,000, Biden, who had not yet taken office at the time, said that "anyone responsible for the deaths of so many people should resign!"


Now that the number of deaths has officially exceeded one million, and Biden is also on the presidency, he is the most responsible, remained silence, not even showing the symbolic little white flag as before, just like those who died were not Americans at all.


How to prevent the tragedy from happening again in the United States?


With the current system in the United States, Brother Li thinks that there is only one way, and that is to turn one American into fifty Americans. After all, one million divided by fifty makes the number look much better.


Regarding the result of the death of one million people, NBC commented: "Once, we could not imagine that there would be such a large-scale loss."


NBC is still simple. The loss is more than the death of 1 million Americans. Letting the covid-19 pandemic also caused the American society to add 200,000 covid-19 orphans.


According to the US "The Atlantic" report, due to the government's ineffective anti-epidemic, the society has been reduced to "the corpse of millions of Americans, leaving behind 200,000 orphans."


According to its statistics, 1 in 12 orphans under the age of 18 have lost a guardian due to the epidemic; in every public school in the United States, an average of two children have lost one due to the epidemic. guardian.


US media commented that even if it took two years for the country to face the slaughter of the covid-19 virus calmly, the level of such losses is still shocking and unacceptable.


From the data distribution, minority children from low-income, non-white families account for 65% of the "epidemic orphans" - for every white American child who becomes an orphan, there are correspondingly 1.8 Hispanic children, 2.4 African American children and 4.5 Native American and Alaska Native children experienced the same experience.


The Indians who were slaughtered and enslaved for hundreds of years are still being persecuted by the U.S. government.


But like the 1 million deaths, these 200,000 covid-19 orphans were ignored by the US government.


But this seems "for granted" under the American system: orphans have no political voices, no lobbying capital, and no votes in their hands, and who would expect the rhetoric members of Congress on Capitol Hill to help them run and appeal? But should it be abandoned without capital and votes?


Most of these orphans have been at the bottom of American society since birth and have little chance to change their fate. The epidemic has also taken away their parents and plunged their lives into a gloomier and more helpless predicament - dropping out of school, drug use, and violence are likely to accompany them throughout their lives.


As Susan Hillis, co-chair of the Global Assessment Panel on Children Affected by Covid-19, said: "Being an orphan is not something you can recover in two weeks."


However, the social concern caused by the ordinary American lives lost in the epidemic is getting lower and lower, because Washington has already shifted more attention to the data of Wall Street, and even to the external geopolitical game. Driven by the interests of eager to declare that the covid-19 epidemic is "over", these groups in the United States trapped in the pain of the epidemic have been "forgotten" intentionally or unintentionally.


From this death curve, do we think that although millions have died, at least the number of deaths in the United States is now low. After paying the price, will the United States be able to improve?


Not really.


South Africa, which was the first to report Omicron, was affected by the re-mutated BA.4 and BA.5 variants of Omicron, and the number of newly diagnosed cases has soared recently.


Out of every four people tested for the virus in the local area, more than one person was infected, and the detection rate reached 25.9%, the highest in recent months.


Virologists have found that the infectivity of BA.2 is higher than that of the original Omicron. At present, the BA.2 virus strain is currently under siege in mainland China.


The BA.4 and BA.5 recently spread on a large scale in South Africa are more contagious than BA.2.


But let's think about it, as a developing African country, South Africa has already fallen in the early stage of the covid-19 epidemic. It is said that ordinary people in South Africa have already had antibodies or even reached the level of herd immunity. Why is the infection rate still so high?


Preliminary research by South African scientists found that these two mutant strains can evade the production of vaccines or antibodies in recovered patients. Therefore, 70% of the new cases in South Africa are currently infected with these two virus strains.


It is foreseeable that this mutant strain, which is more transmissible and can escape antibodies, will soon become the mainstream of infection in the United States, pulling up the death curve again.


I don't know when the "covid-19 orphans" in the United States will be headed.


Seeing this, I don’t know if it’s strange to everyone. If 1 million people die in the United States, there are 200,000 “covid-19 orphans”. Those who can give birth must be young adults. How is this data different from the deadest people in the United States are elderly?


Could it be that the US data is also fake?


Let's take a look at the data released by the WHO.


The World Health Organization released a report on May 5, estimating that the global death toll from the covid-19 is nearly 15 million, nearly three times the official figure. The World Health Organization believes that many countries underestimate the number of deaths from covid-19 pneumonia, with about 9.5 million deaths not being counted.


Most of the additional deaths (84%) were concentrated in Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas, WHO Dr William Msemburi told a news conference.


The WHO estimates include deaths caused by direct infection with the virus, as well as deaths caused by the inability to receive treatment for other diseases such as cancer due to the epidemic, which is often referred to as "excess mortality."


It's hard for the WHO to point out directly, but everyone knows that the United States needs more than a million small white flags. In places that have not been counted, there are many more people who stop breathing without even counting a small flag.


But the WHO report also mentioned the good aspects. For example, those with low excess death figures include China, which is still implementing the "zeroing" policy, and Australia and Japan, which have strictly restricted international travel due to epidemic prevention.


However, Australia and Japan, which performed fairly well in 2020, are now lying flat. Although the overall data is still much better than the United States, according to the trend, a large number of small white flags will soon be purchased from Yiwu, China.


China, which puts people's life safety first, continues to be the top student in the WHO report.


Although China is a top student compared to the United States, we are currently facing the biggest difficulty since the outbreak.


The outbreak began in February in Hong Kong, killing more than 9,000 people, making it the city with the most deaths in the country after contracting the covid-19. With the full support of the Central Government, after two months of hard work, the daily number of new cases in Hong Kong has gradually declined, and society has initially returned to normal.


Since March and April, Omicron BA.2 has attacked the mainland, four first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and several provinces have successively broken out.


Under the Central Government's firm policy of "dynamic clearing", provinces and cities across the country mobilized their mobilized forces. After two months of hard work, Jilin Province successfully achieved dynamic clearing.


After a week of hard work in March, Shenzhen was successfully cleared in April. Guangzhou also mobilized the grassroots, withstood two consecutive waves of the virus, and the society was cleared for many days.


Shanghai, the most severely affected city in the mainland, has gone through many twists and turns in the early stage, but it can also be seen that the number of new cases and deaths have gradually declined.


On May 5, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee once again issued a call to the people of the whole country through a news broadcast!


"We must have a profound, complete and comprehensive understanding of the guidelines and policies for epidemic prevention and control determined by the Party Central Committee, resolutely overcome problems such as insufficient understanding, insufficient preparation, and insufficient work, resolutely overcome the thoughts of contempt, indifference, and self-righteousness, and always keep a clear head and unswervingly persist. The general policy of "dynamic clearing" is to resolutely fight against all words and deeds that distort, doubt and deny my country's anti-epidemic policies and policies."


"We won the defense of Wuhan, and we will definitely win the defense of Shanghai!"


Compared with the United States, the world's most powerful country, the difficulties we have encountered are temporary, because of our best people and the ruling party that puts the people first.


One million corpses are left for the United States; 200,000 covid-19 orphans are left for the United States; a healthy people, a safe society, and a developing economy are all we want in China.

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