How much are large polystyrene balls?!
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How Much are Large Polystyrene Balls

Polystyrene Balls are molded balls that are infused with air to inflate their sizes. They can be joined together to form larger balls. They are normally used in building insulation and packaging material. They are light in weight and long lasting and as such can be molded to create hard foam used to package fragile products such as electronics.

The polystyrene packaging range from 20 mm to 3000 mm in diameter. The price increases with each increasing diameter.

The discounts available for large polystyrene balls have their price determined on where they need to be used in the exhibition halls, shop displays, and stage props. Polystyrene balls can be sold as hollow, solid or split into two (the large ones). You can buy or order polystyrene balls either as a single ball or get it in bulk quantities. Buying polystyrene balls in large quantities will attract a huge discount.

The price ranges from shop to shop. A smooth-textured ball will cost more than a course one

72-inch diameter ball goes for £3,248

48-inch diameter ball goes for £1,698

44-inch diameter ball goes for £713

40-inch diameter ball goes for £547

Any modification such as furnishing and adding holes and grooves will be done at an additional charge.

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