Autonomous Driving Technology Achieves Major Breakthrough – Zelos's Smart Vehicle Successfully Navigates Singapore's Highly Complex Road Conditions


Recently, the much-anticipated collaboration between Zelos and Singapore's GLS has made significant progress: Zelos' autonomous vehicle has successfully completed operational feasibility testing in a multi-level logistics warehouse environment. Following a thorough inspection by the local regulatory authority (LTA) inspection, the vehicle has transitioned to the actual operational phase for warehouse freight. This is the industry's first multi-level building scenario operation project autonomously completed by an L4 autonomous driving product, signaling another major breakthrough in autonomous driving technology.


Launched in October 2023, this project represents the first autonomous driving freight transport initiative in Singapore. It showcases the potential of Zelos' autonomous driving products to foster sustainable development in local transportation logistics, and deeply explores their positive role in enhancing traffic safety, operational efficiency, and economic returns.





In Singapore, the limited land area often requires multi-level logistics warehouses. Traditional GPS positioning solutions struggle with weak satellite signals within floors and cannot differentiate floors due to environmental similarities, presenting new challenges for autonomous driving.


There is currently no precedent or mature experience in the autonomous driving industry for addressing the unique challenges of indoor navigation and positioning in multi-level building environments. Nevertheless, in collaboration with GLS, the Zelos team successfully addressed these specific issues and pioneered an innovative solution:


The team developed a special vector map that included not only traditional 2D information, but also floor height and numbering. In addition, for positioning initialization, the vehicles were configured to record their three-dimensional positions, effectively assisting the autonomous vehicles in precise floor-level localization.




In the GLS project, the Zelos team demonstrated its ability to solve complex technical challenges within a short period of time, completing the entire cycle of system development and testing in just one month, ensuring stable and reliable operation of Zelos smart vehicles in new scenarios.


Currently, leveraging this technological capability, Zelos’ autonomous vehicles efficiently perform real work tasks in multi-floor environments, significantly improving logistics efficiency and receiving high recognition from GLS.




Beyond Singapore, as early as 2021, China's National Development and Reform Commission proposed promoting the "Vertical Industrial Integration" model, aiming to utilize space upwards and open new dimensions for urban industrial development. This model has been implemented in many cities nationwide. Meanwhile, in environments such as overpasses and multi-level basements lacking GPS signals, this technology also enables vehicles to achieve precise navigation, ensuring their normal operation in autonomous mode.


As a global leader in autonomous driving technology, the Zelos team has extensive practical experience in technology application and product deployment. The richness of data and scenarios is critical for enhancing autonomous driving product capabilities. Currently, Zelos leads the global market with its L4 products in over thirty cities, empowering its products with fully unmanned L4 autonomous driving technology. Zelos offers efficient, cost-effective product solutions to B2B clients in express delivery, fresh food, pharmaceuticals, fast moving consumer goods, and factory park logistics, helping urban foundations achieve a comprehensive intelligent upgrade!




About Zelos

Zelos is a leading global company in research, development, and application of autonomous driving technology for urban logistics. The company possesses self-developed L4 autonomous driving technology which is mature and scalable for commercial applications. It combines technology research, product design, and commercialization efforts to effectively address the challenges in the trillion dollars B2B urban logistics market. The Autonomous Delivery Vehicles developed by Zelos have drawn industry attention for their superior performance and cost-effectiveness. Meanwhile,the operational model has been validated within the panorama of urban logistics distribution. Currently, the company is progressively establishing a multi-city operational capacity map for intelligent urban logistics, injecting new vitality into the upgrade of urban logistics infrastructure. As a company dedicated to sustainable development, Zelos is committed to reducing carbon emissions in urban logistics, optimizing delivery efficiency, and creating a more convenient, intelligent, and environmentally friendly logistics ecosystem. Zelos has been recognized as a Potential Unicorn Company in China for 2022, a Unicorn Enterprise in Suzhou City for 2022, and a Key Leading Enterprise in the Suzhou Industrial Park. It stands as one of the fastest-growing autonomous driving companies in China. To learn more about Zelos, please visit:


Company:Zelos (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact Person:Yonglian.Wang

City:Suzhou, CHINA


Telephone: +86400-828-9282 (press 1)

Location:D2 Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park, 88 Jinjihu Avenue, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

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