"Two Cities and One Center" in Jiangbei New Area Is a Chinese Chip City with Global Influence

2020-08-18 Shenzhen period film company limited

Along the coast of the Northern Yangtze River, on land that is about the size of the Silicon Valley in America, Jiangbei New Area in Nanjing is fully powering its integrated circuit industry and strengthening the "chips" in China. This is a new central city in Nanjing and a city of chips facing the future, where an integrated circuit industrial cluster at the level of hundreds of billions yuan will rise.

The city of chips in "two cities and one center" of Jiangbei New Area is positioned as a core seat of the integrated circuit in the Yangtze River Delta region, a leading industrial cluster in China and a Chinese city of chips bearing global influence. Nanjing is an essential electronic industrial base in China. The scale of its electronic information manufacturing is ranked the fourth among the 15 sub-provincial cities in China, bearing an excellent industrial foundation of the integrated circuit. As a center of scientific education, Nanjing provides essential support for the rapid development of integrated circuits with its profound talent advantages. Jiangbei New Area mainly focuses on the critical links of integrated circuit industrial chain, actively introduces a batch of major projects with large investment scale and strong industrial driving force such as TSMC, pushing forward the construction of the new area as a cluster of integrated circuit industry; meanwhile, Integrated Circuit Industrial and Technological Innovation Center and CHINAIMEL among other industrial innovation platforms are set up, also of the Nanjing branch of EDA center of Chinese Academy of Sciences and packing and testing platform for an integrated circuit, to build a coordinated, innovative mechanism for the industry, university and research collaboration of industry & education and research with the government.

After being approved as a national new area in 2015, a city of chips at the level of hundreds of billion has been roaring.

From a blank space of industry to taking root and settling hundreds of integrated circuit enterprises, Jiangbei New Area has formed a fully equipped industrial chain covering chip design, wafer fabrication, package test, and terminal manufacturing, while cultivating and gathering over 10,000 talents in the industry of integrated circuit. For over four years, Jiangbei New Area has been building platforms, beautifying its environment, gathering its resources, expanding its ecology, and blazing a trail of creating "chips" with high-quality development.

Nowadays, relying on the "dual area" advantages, namely, the only national new area in Jiangsu and Nanjing section of Jiangsu Free Trade Zone, the integrated circuit industrial development in Jiangbei New Area is presenting vibrant vigor.

Industrial ecology is key to the sustainable development of an industry. Jiangbei New Area distributes systematically, strengthens at different levels, and profoundly integrates its policy chain, financial chain, technological chain, and talent chain. Oriented towards needs, it is dedicated to cultivating a quality industrial ecological circle of the integrated circuits.

Jiangbei New Area promotes the integrated development of "new finance," and integrated circuit strenuously infuses energy into the development of the integrated circuit industry, and forms an excellent environment of industrial investment and financing.

Jiangbei New Area strengthens the accurate support of integrated circuit talents, builds a team of skills with high quality, and trains high-end compound talents as directed through the cooperation of governments, enterprises, and schools.

In terms of supporting services, Jiangbei New Area actively constructs a system of modernized industry and innovative services, focuses on the eight key factors of the living environment, industrial carrier, policy support, economic environment, talent cultivation, technological innovation, public technology, and system application, giving birth to a batch of critical industrial service institutions.

In the future, the new area will continue to step up its construction of the city of chips, keep optimizing the environment for its carriers, and consistently explore the depth and width of policies and services, to make Jiangbei New Area a city of chips with the most considerable vigor of development.

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