Seal Art in Time and Reinterpreting Picasso’s Classic Masterpieces - AET REMOULD Ceramic Daytona


Picasso’s life was extremely brilliant. He was a true genius. With his unpredictable painting style, abundant creativity, and rich modeling methods, no other painter can achieve the same creativity as him. He uses utterly free will reshaped the world. He is an explorer in art. Picasso's art is constantly changing, absorbing and transforming into his own style from the artistic techniques of Impressionism and Fauvism, plus the integration of his own experience, making each period of his art life have different styles. Now his name has become a splended artistic symbol. His amazing talents and creativity have a profound influence on the endless exploration spirit of art forms.


AET REMOULD loves his self-contained creativity and his artistic attitude that is always loyal to freedom. This attitude coincides with the art thinking of AET REMOULD. In order to pay tribute to the great artist, we have obtained the Picasso Art IP authorization to remake the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona collection using ceramics, retain the original movement, incorporate Picasso's classic art works, and engrave it into an eternal memorial in time.


Le Rêve

The woman in Le Rêve is Picasso's lover Teresa. Picasso used cubism to depict his lover in neoclassical style, which is a masterpiece of free combination of lines and colors. Le Rêve has changed owners several times. Steven A. Cohen wanted to buy it in 2006 for 139 million U.S. dollars but failed to do so, and now Le Rêve is still a priceless treasure. Now AET REMOULD portray this love-expressing artwork in Daytona, hoping long last the art. Limited to 10 pieces only.


Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, created by Picasso, a cubism work that completely breaks with the previous artistic methods and creates a new wave of French cubism, is now collected in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Appreciating the artistic creation brought about by this work, AET REOULD decides to apply it to Daytona. Stay tuned for our time art.


Young Lady

Many women have brought infinite creative inspiration to Picasso’s artwork. Some people say that Picasso pictured all these women who loved him into extremely expensive paintings. Others believe that it is these women who created the genius Picasso. There is no way to know who the woman in this painting is.  AET REMOULD sealed her into  Daytona, with art and time. "Young Lady" is limited to 10 pieces.



《Charles the Great》

The design of this dial is inspired by Picasso's Charles the Great, which may not be so compelling among his nearly 37,000 artworks. However, AET REMOULD discovered this unique work whose rich color combination is a great match with Daytona's pure black, and creates a perfect combination of art and timepiece, and named it as Charles the Great. Limited to 10 pcs worldwide.


The Injured Bullfighter》

As a symbol of courage, Bullfighting's elegance and brutality, entertainment and tragedy, desire and death, which all fascinates Picasso, and has become the most important subject of his artistic creation. "The Madator" is also one of Picasso's important paintings in his later years. In that piece, the Madator is wearing gorgeous costumes and with a rapier in his hand. Every detail reflects Picasso's free improvisation. AET REMOULD portray the elegant bullfighter on high-tech ceramic Daytona transformed, whose colorful paintings are combined with black ceramics to create unique art treasures. Art and time are passed on together. "The Injured Bullfighter" is limited to 10 pieces.



The Picasso series is one of the three most recent Daytona ceramic series launched by AET REMOULD. The other two series are the classic series and the Rodin series. Combining collection-level artworks with watch art, we protect and collect classics in a fashionable fashion of the times.

Company Name: AET REMOULD

Contact Person: Julia



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